Proto2000 EMD F3A-B Set Review

Proto2000 EMD F3A-B Set Review

Proto2000 EMD F3A-B Set Review

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By 1945, EMD had six years of hands-on experience with its increasingly popular FT diesels. As the only cab freight units built during WWII, EMD already had a corner on the market, and an upgraded model was in the works. The first F3 demonstrator rolled out of LaGrange that June to give customers a taste of things to come. But by 1946 critical materials were still in short supply for the civilian market. The larger generator planned for the F3 could not be built, so an interim model, the F2, was introduced. While the F2 was only rated at 1350 horsepower (the same as the FT), railroads anxious to modernize were ready to buy, and just over 100 were built for service in the US and Mexico through the summer of 1946, when the F3 entered production.

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    I remember senieg the N gauge mountain layout at the end in a model shop the last time i was in Seattle, 2005 i think. It was a great looking layout as i recall. Seattle was also my first experience of American railways. Living in England where everything is fenced off it was a surprise to see trains running down the side of the road when we drove to the museum of flight.

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