Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review

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Looking for small 4′ x 8′ HO train layouts?  The Mountain valley Scenery Kit is the perfect place to start to get your model train layouts up and running in no time!  With the complete step-by-step instructions and all the necessary products in one convenient box, you’ll have a great HO train layout built in no time!  If you’re a die-hard modelrailroader, combine several Mountain Valley Scenery Kits into one so that you can build an even bigger model train layout that is complete, waiting for track, trains, buildings and your personal touch!

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review – What is it?

The Woodland Scenics Mountain Valley Scenery Kit is a complete kit for scenicing a 4′ x 8′ layout, including base (subterrain), roadbed, terrain materials and ground cover.  This kit will teach you how to build a comprehensive HO train layout and build your scenery skills with the minimum amount of mess, fuss, and confusion deciding on what products and how much to purchase.  Having everything in the Mountain Valley Scenery Kit allows you to get to a finished model train layout in the shortest amount of time, allowing you to enjoy your passion as a modelrailroader.

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review – What I like

Like the Subterrain Scenery Kit, this all inclusive kit comes stuffed to the brim with everything you need to completely scenic a 4′ x 8′ layout.  To me, this is the best part of buying kits like this, you get all the components you need to build and scenic a predetermined section of HO train layouts.  When you combine multiple kits, there’s no guessing how much plaster cloth you might need for a 4′ x 16′ model train layout, you have “premeasured” kits that give you the power to know you can accomplish a specific section of scenicing on your layout.  The other thing that is most appealing to veteran modelrailroaders and novices alike, is the easy step-by-step instructions included, as well as the pre-printed plans on the foam base.  For the money, and to definitively know what you’re going to need to scenic your size HO train layouts, the Mountain Valley Scenery Kit is the best bang for the buck!

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review – What I didn’t like

While the Mountain Valley Scenery Kit is a great way to get started on your HO train layouts, there are a couple of disadvantages some people see in a prepackaged kit like this.  For instance, the Hob-e-tac included in this kit weighs in at a paltry 3 ounces.  As any modelrailroader will tell you, you can never have enough, so you’ll end up buying a larger bottle for all your various projects on your model train layout.  I also don’t like the fact they only include a 16 ounce bottle of Foam Tac Glue, however, a quick trip to the local big box store, or hobby supply outlet will quickly provide you with all you need, and probably a cart-full of other ideas too!

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit Review – Overall Thoughts

The Mountain Valley Scenery Kit includes all the subterrain, terrain and landscaping items you will need to build a great 4′ x 8′ Ho train layout. Using the risers and inclines to create the hills, mountains and low-lying areas on your layout as you desire.  The kit also includes 2 rock molds that will not only provide some great scenic opportunities on your model train layout, you’ll find you’ll keep those molds and use them over and over again.  The avid modelrailroader can be very creative on how we can use, re-use, and re-purpose almost everything that comes near our HO train layouts. Landscape your layout with a wide variety of ground cover, trees, accent details and other scenery details all included in the Mountain Valley Scenery Kit.

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