Tablets & Smart Phones – The Next Generation Of HO Train Layout Control

Model-Train-ControlControlling your HO Train Layout with mobile Apps

Model train layout control has come a long way, and is about to make a giant leap forward to revolutionize the way we interact with our layouts.

In the beginning… most of us in the model railroad hobby are old enough to remember the days of a simple 2-wire setup.  Attached to our track, a simple transformer and throttle control supplied DC power to the engine.  You turned the knob on the transformer, it sent power to the rails, and our model trains came to life!


mobile deviceWith the introduction of Digital Command Control (DCC) in the early 1990’s, the ability to control a model train engine individually and specifically was created.  You were finally able to easily and simply control multiple trains, even within the same “power block”!  It’s taken nearly 30 years for DCC to become the standard for HO train layouts, however, like the digital age it was created from, the technology has rapidly advanced.



Woodland Scenics - Model InventoryIn the next article of our series, we will test drive our first of four mobile device applications (app) that every HO train layouts owner should have on their smart device.