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How to Make Model Railroad Sub Roadbed

Here’s an interesting approach from Geoff A to create sub roadbed that utilizes more of your expensive material with a minimum of waste.  Using this approach enables you to create gentle and realistic easements without having to guess angles or memorizing what you may have already put in place. From the looks of his layout, …

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Making your model railroad prototypical

I recently posted this video on the Facebook page, and it got me to thinking, are we striving to make our layouts “too perfect”?  It seems that I’ve seen so many, mine included, that look too “clean” and perfect.  – more after the jump –   Unless you hand-lay your own track…and you’re horribly bad …

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Building A Model Train Railroad – What You Need To Know!

Model Railroad Hobbyist

The Model Train Railroad have been around ever since people began building railways. Perhaps the biggest difference today from the very beginning of Train Layouts is that electricity is involved. These days there are plenty of choices and options for a Model Train builder to consider.

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