Like you, I had always had / dreamed about owning, a train set.  Many of you, like me, had a train set when we were a child, and now that we’ve got our own children, or have “aged appropriately”, that we want to get back into the obsession we call a hobby.

I say obsession because it will start as a hobby and for most all of us, once we discover how much this hobby has “matured”, we’ll be sucked in quicker than a black hole!  I know I was blown away by the myriad of options, layout plans & ideas, scales, and how much the “digital age” had caught up with the hobby with a vengeance!

Digital Command Control, a.k.a. DCC will be the first thing that grabs your attention, if it hasn’t already.  Forget about the old DC voltage, run your trains in a circle… ONE at a time, or complicated wiring for a larger layout using blocks to isolate sections.  With DCC it’s nearly as simple as running a number or PAIRS of wire to each section of track and plug them into the DCC command unit.  I say nearly as you’ll probably want to still incorporate some block elements to your wiring, but more for any trouble-shooting or changing of your layout than anything.

So that’s the long way around to tell you why I’m finally building this site, but I’m going to go down the rabbit hole further by saying this site was started more than 10 years ago… I’m just now getting around to actually building it.  More than ten years ago I had come to the point in my life where I wanted to rethink model railroading and having a “train set” again.

I began where you’re at now.. on the internet searching for ideas, how-to’s, videos… what kind of layout?  what scale!?  What era… what railroad… on and on.  I could list about 100 links just from my browser that might help you… then again, I thought, maybe if I finally build that website I wanted to, I could teach others what I had learned, explain to people some of MY mistakes and help clarify, classify and contain some of the best HO train layouts, rolling stock, engines, scenery techniques and materials I had come across in the hopes that it would be useful to the next person.

I hope you enjoy my efforts, more importantly, my real hope is that you get the solution you are looking for to the problem at hand… which one of the HO Train Layouts is right for me, how do I build it, scenic it, stock it and most importantly… how much fun can I have with this!?