VIDEO: How To Install Track Feeders On Code 100 Track

Here’s a great example of how to install track power feeders onto Code 100 track


VIDEO: HO Scale Locomotive Weathered & Detailed In Four Minutes

This is an incredible time-lapse video of detailing and weathering an HO locomotive.  The work and craftsmanship is spectacular, as are the final results. Check out the uploaders’ entire video series on their website as it looks interesting

From their description:

“This time lapse video shows a 40 minute chapter from our HO Scale Weathering & Detailing DVD condensed down to just 4 minutes. You can get the video on DVD from our website if you would like to see the real-time version of this process:… ”

VIDEO: How To Mass Produce Telephone / Utility Poles

Do you have enough telephone / utility poles on your layout?  Probably not.  Here’s a great video showing how you can mass product any quantity of them in rapid, easy succession. Pay particular attention to the way “distress” the poles with the saw to show cracks and weathering, it really adds the little extra bit of realism to any HO Train Layout!